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Durairaj (Raj) is passionate about invoking the possibility thinking faculty of individuals, telling people how to shake off mediocrity and live up to their greatness. His keynote talk ‘extraordinary Quality of Life’is an amalgam of success principles, corporate wisdom and esoteric science that enables audience to carve pragmatic and strategic solutions. 

Raj’s flagship workshop, Total Quality of Life Management (TQolM) loaded with life changing strategies is a must for success seekers! 

He was formerly the Quality & Reliability Program Manager in the Corporate Quality Network (CQN) organization in Intel, instrumental in enabling the assembly test division of CQN to win the coveted Intel Quality Award, a testimony of impeccable brand quality leadership.   

In his 18 years tenure in this world leading computing company, he was exposed to various management & leadership development and niche technical problem solving courses that includes The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Crucial Conversations, Structured and Module Based Problem Solving, de Bono's Thinking System, Management Through Planning and Lean Leadership to name a few.

Raj received his B. Eng. Degree (Hons) in Materials Engineering from University Science of Malaysia in 1997. His expertise is in the area of IC Process and Packaging Technical Reliability Risk Assessment, a cornerstone skill in enabling Intel brand name.  

His passion to drive corporate quality led to Integrated Quality Solution (IQS) - a culmination of his dynamic hands-on experience and exposure that will form the foundation of corporate operational excellence (OpEx) and steer any organization’s brand leadership in quality as they embrace Industry 4.0. 

IQS is your solution to lower cost of quality (CoQ), improve product quality and drive faster time to market (TTM).



1.    Intel Manufacturing Excellence Conference (IMEC) session chair for Assembly Test Manufacturing abstract submissions (2013 & 2015).

2.   Review panel member for new / innovation idea submission in ATM Q&R.

3.   IEEE conference presenter for IDF documented Pd doped gold wire bond (2003).

4.  Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) certified HRDF trainer. 

5.   International Council of Small Medium Enterprise/Entrepreneur (ICSMEE) Penang Chapter Secretary General



A collaborative arm of Inno Preneurs Solution Pvt Ltd (IPS), we are your ideal professional and personal development strategic partner.

Our principle operating model is founded upon the certainty that personal power and self fulfillment of every individual serves as the seat bed of organizational breakthrough performance. Employee integration in any engaging organization enables alignment and establishment of a common shared vision – a ‘win-win’ model.  

Total Quality of Life Management (TQolM), our flagship individual empowerment offering, along with our fleet of corporate skills development trainings are carefully selected and tailored to meet this growing demand.    

eQoL Consulting takes pride in our top-notch professional development and coaching services that is scalable and customizable per client needs. 

Drop us a call or an email and we will be glad to furnish further details to suit your needs. 


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