extraordinary Quality of Life




Experience total relaxation and calmness through easy to practise meditation techniques. This complimentary sessions are then concluded with interactive discourses on self awareness and triggers for critical enquiry on ones state, opening doors for practical wisdom. 



Conscious Living 

What we call ‘the meeting place of art and science’ is, in essence, being aware of the thoughts that we generate, transmit and consequently attract. Many have been living unconsciously, almost unaware of the thought forms they have been transmitting, act upon and experience. The science of conscious living is simply a tool used to remain anchored and being aware of the very existence. Once mastered, it becomes an art of living.  



Self Enquiry :  Your Life Force 

For serious seekers of truth who is ready to embark in a journey of critical enquiry of Self, the Origin and the whole interactive play of Life. It is for those who are determined to break the spell of fate (chances) and create pathway to quality living (choices).